Sunday, April 8, 2012

day 72

A cherry blossom tree blooming from the main trunk of the tree at the Hillside Estate and Gardens in DC..

day 71

In DC, the Post hieress' estate called Hillside Estate and Gardens lies..I wasn't so sure what to expect until I arrived and was so pleasantly surprised at the collection of furnishings, relics and the amazing gardens..this is the main staircase going up to the bedrooms of the mansion that was taken from a French castle and brought to DC for Post..A must visit when in DC..

day 70

Across the street from Ford Theater...after Lincoln was shot he was carried across the street to a hotel..the hotel has been expanded housing items of Lincoln and as you descend the staircase these all of these books are stacked that have been written about Lincoln...

day 69

Attending the American Counseling Association conference I came across this dog at the convention center..only to find out he is a certified "therapy dog"..Sweet and velvety soft..he has his own stool just in case the person can't reach him..Of course I loved this dog he's a therapist!

day 68

This darling little couple I know playing on the battle field of bull run..

day 67

Out for the day in Alexandria, Va with my niece and her boyfriend I strayed behind to get a shot of the two of them behaving so cute! Ahhh young love!

day 66

Tis the season of cherry blossom trees in pretty!

day 65

Walking around at a pet expo I came across this strange but adorable looking dog..of course it helped that he was gentle and sweet so I fell in love with him!

day 64

Lincoln Memorial at sunset..does not matter what time you view this memorial for it to be great..