Sunday, April 8, 2012

day 72

A cherry blossom tree blooming from the main trunk of the tree at the Hillside Estate and Gardens in DC..

day 71

In DC, the Post hieress' estate called Hillside Estate and Gardens lies..I wasn't so sure what to expect until I arrived and was so pleasantly surprised at the collection of furnishings, relics and the amazing gardens..this is the main staircase going up to the bedrooms of the mansion that was taken from a French castle and brought to DC for Post..A must visit when in DC..

day 70

Across the street from Ford Theater...after Lincoln was shot he was carried across the street to a hotel..the hotel has been expanded housing items of Lincoln and as you descend the staircase these all of these books are stacked that have been written about Lincoln...

day 69

Attending the American Counseling Association conference I came across this dog at the convention center..only to find out he is a certified "therapy dog"..Sweet and velvety soft..he has his own stool just in case the person can't reach him..Of course I loved this dog he's a therapist!

day 68

This darling little couple I know playing on the battle field of bull run..

day 67

Out for the day in Alexandria, Va with my niece and her boyfriend I strayed behind to get a shot of the two of them behaving so cute! Ahhh young love!

day 66

Tis the season of cherry blossom trees in pretty!

day 65

Walking around at a pet expo I came across this strange but adorable looking dog..of course it helped that he was gentle and sweet so I fell in love with him!

day 64

Lincoln Memorial at sunset..does not matter what time you view this memorial for it to be great..

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


NYC!!! I was freezing but just kept taking pictures hoping one good shot would happen!
well a bit tripods allowed up top of Empire so I used the railing to rest my camera on..


At top of Empire State Building with so much to see and wanting to capture so much the busy NYC street captured my eye among many other sites!! Boy was it windy and cold though!


Walking down Broadway in NYC we came upon a little boy who was riding this dog like a horse! It was so cute how this dog seemed to be unbothered by it...Love never know what you will see! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

day 57

Gettysburg, Pa.  in the winter is very windy and cold..especially near the open battle field..but really matched the cold feeling of looking over the field where 50,000 men lost their life..

day 56

First snow in DC area this year got me grabbing my camera after work one night to see what I could find outside...Just fresh snow on a branch is so beautiful to me!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

DAY 55

Balboa Park is one of my favorite parks in the country..not only does it have a rich Spanish history but it has a personal history for me.  As a child, my family would take us all for picnics, visit the different museums and I took ballet classes near this building.  These copellas top the Balboa Park theater.

Day 54

Disneyland, Ca at Christmastime is so beautiful!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 53

Its a .......!!

Day 52

San Diego Zoo Koala...all they do is sleep under these warm light bulbs that shine on them..

Day 51

Meercat at the San Diego Zoo..these little guys are too cute!

Day 50

Someone got creative and made a snowman on the beach of Coronado..I loved it!

Day 49

My friends little boy looking over the railing of the Zoofari bus...carefree about a camera pointing in his face but still enjoyed posing!

Day 48

At the San Diego Zoo..Dr. Suess was inspired by the different plant formations..this is on I took and transposed it to Black and White..The sun was hitting the cactus and created great shadows

Day 47

At the San Diego Zoo..Dr. Suess book illustrations were inspired by many plant formations there..this is one that captured my attention, the mixture of the sun hitting down and the crisp green caught my eye..

Day 46

I Love this beach..Coronado in San Diego, Ca.  I was watching  my son play in the water and saw his shadow in the sand...I'll remember this day forever.

Day 45

At Coroando Beach again..No color altering in these need to..I just caught the tide pulling in one day..I wish my toes were in this sand now!

Day 44

For all you Disneyland fans! Huck finn island has cool bridges to cross..I waited until no one was on this and caught a picture quick!

Day 43

This to me says Coronado with the big rocks in the sand and Pt. Loma in the background..Smell the ocean? :)


My goal was to capture sunsent before our trip to San Diego was over...As I was walking throught the Del Coronado hotel with my family and friends time past me by and I missed the sunset when I I dashed passed the tall Christmas tree in the lobby of the Del Hotel..walked fast by the stores and ice rink by the beach and marched through the sand on the beach to take some shots of the last glimmer of sun colors on our last night in San Diego...

day 40